Monday, October 1, 2007

IWhat had happened in Sept?

yeay!!! its been ages i havent touch this page..hmmm what had happened to me????

on September

sent my friend a.k.a officemate back to his country..we sent him at was so is our last pic, which he sent to us..we miss u Mr Ventura!!!!

on 25th Sept, i drove alone to Johor. It was a very long journey and my back was hurt..ouch!! i went back to johor because i had an exam on the next day..hmmm..that was the scariest experience ever happen to even worse than SPM...I was so terrified...poor thing...hehehe i couldnt sleep during the night before..i kept thinking about my friend's word..he said, my examiner dont like my result and he wanted to question me bout that...hmm i couldnt eat..sleep...and i was like a zombie during that night..i kept reading my thesis again and all those papers..just to prepare myself in front of examiners...on that exam day, i dress up quickly and set my presentation slide head kept rolling over and over, finding all the possibility answers..i called my parents, asked them to pray for was my big day..and i have to get through all this...i just wish that day ended with a snap of finger..hehehe...

well, during the viva-voce session, my examiner didnt touch anything regrading to my research..he just discussed about my thesis only..he asked why i use this sentence, why did i use that word..he asked me to reword..rephrase..that's all..hehehe that was so relief!!!!! he passed me with 3 months correction and i felt like flying...i thanked him for reading and evaluating my thesis thoroughly....i feel want to punch my friend right onto his face!!!!! he's the one that should responsible for my sleepless night..because of him, i cant sleep well..having scariest and most frighthening nightmare in my life!!!!!

This is just only a master degree..what will happen for my PhD? hmmm it must be 1000000 times harder than this...hmmm i hope i can get through all this...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


starting today, we are encauraging to upgrade the security level in our office and lab since yesterday, one of our staff, Mr Giorgio Ventura's drawer has been forced open by intruder..luckily, none of his belongings were missing...(Lucky that his apple notebook still with him!)

so, from that incident, we cant enter our lab superior has reset the access to the air shower door and no one can enter the lab anymore...and he is conducting a meeting regarding to the lab accessment today...

im collecting some data in the lad since yesterday and without lab i dont know what else i can do today hehehe..i guess, i need some rest hehehe

You Got Me!!!!

something to share...last 2 days, i was punked by my was 10 oclock in the morning, suddenly i got a call from my superior telling me that the CEO wants to meet me in Meeting Room 1...i was surprised..everything came and mixed like 'rojak' in my head..along the way to that meeting room, i kept thinking what went wrong with my work, why my CEO wanted to see me...i was just about two months here and if anything goes wrong, im a dead meat...i think, my heart was thumping and i was barely breathing...

when i reached the meeting room, i prayed a lot...and my both hands were shivered..and i pulled the door knob and slowly enter the meeting room with a notebook (diary) in my hand...what was happened???!!!!

Actually, my superior called me to come to that meeting room to join them eating some refereshment ha!ha!ha!..they kept laughing at me because i looked like a dead girl with a notebook in my hand!!! i was punked by them!!!! ha ha superioir said, since im a new staff, it is compulsory for them to bully the new staff he he he...

and since then, whenever we had meeting, my superior kept saying to me, "shikin, ceo nak datang" is the funniest thing ever happened to me as a new staff here...hehehe

Sunday, July 29, 2007


As i pormised is my first new lovely baby..and i love this baby sooooo much!!!!!! My baby is just look alike the one in this pic and i've tinted my baby's window with grey...

At first i dont have any plan to buy this baby, however, this baby has saved my life..i cant stand living with my aunt..she's a horrible person that will be the last person you want to live with in this world...i know she made up a story behind my back about my behaviour and why im buying a new car in rush...but, i just ignored it..and my parents know why i did this because they have watched my aunt's behaviour towards me in front of their own eyes..

forget bout my aunt..even though i just work for about 3 weeks, im glad i manage to buy this car..and i can live happily ever after with my parents in sepang and i dont have to face that dragon anymore!!!! hahahaha....

what should i call my baby???hmmm what do u think??can u suggest to me??i want to name my baby....if you do have any idea, just comment it k...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

How to Be Happy??

Everyone wants to be happy..that is why some ppl will go for diets to make themselves happy and comfortable with them, some buying new clothes just to feel happy..happiness is about being happy without worries and problems interference..Here are some tips i would like to share with all of my friends on 'How To Be Happy'

1) Change your thought process : leave our fear behind us, look ahead towards success. Rather than thinking of problems and getting desperate, imagine or sketch out the best outcome and then work out what you need to do to make that happen...stop being desperado and start working to success!!!

2) See the world as what it is : You have friends and family around you that love you, so be thankful!!! No one has everything, and everyone has some sorrow in their endless life episode..we cant change what had happened yesterday, so enjoy today and look forward for future!!!

3) Lighten Up : Dont take yourself too seriously, just calm and relax. Dont worry too much because it can cause a mental problem to you and will affect your entire life. If you have some problems that you cant truly do anything about them, just let them go..Laughter is the powerful medicine, the calmer and more peaceful u can take things, the happier your life will be.

4) Be yourself : We cant please everyone..and dont compare ourselves with everyone else. Most of the time, if we compare ourselves with someone else, we intend to see ourselves smaller and 'short end'. No one knows what other people are going through. If we intend to see ourselves smaller than others, it means that we dont have a self-respect to ourselves. Therefore, do what we love and beneficial to us and pay lots of self-respect to ourselves.

5) Make a scheduled time for relaxation : We are given 24 hours a day. So we have to manage and spare some 1 or two hours to relax ourselves by watching news, reading and doing other things that we like and love much!!!

6) Choose your right companion : Get involved with activities that reflect who you are, and get to know people who like the things you do. Don't rule out the Internet as a place to find a significant other, just get to know them over the phone or through a few months of emails before agreeing to a meeting in person. --> this is important and advisable to me and others hehehehehe....

And lots of other tips...but im too tired of typing and got other things to till then and hopefully these few tips can help us to make us happier person!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My New Present

I got something for me today...cant wait to get it..what is it?? hehehe ssshhhh.....i promise, once i get it, i'll put it in this blog...

monday (16-07-2007) --> new episode in my life..another new day as a working woman..woman?? am i a woman?? hahahaha dont have answer for that question..a new day means a new thing to learn..

cant wait until working hours end today hehehe...ooppsss...still got work to do..till then...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Terrorist - John Updike

Hmm..when u look at the title, u'll think this book describes about terrorists mind..their strategy and what not..that was my 1st is some review i found in the internet about this book...

Terrorist by John Updike is about Ahmad Ashmawy Mulloy, an 18-year-old boy in Northern New Jersey who is devoted to Islam. Ahmad was raised by an Irish-American mother after his Egyptian father disappeared when he was three. Ahmad converts to Islam at age 11 and is instructed in the Qur'an by a local imam.

Ahmad is a sympathetic character. Updike lets readers into his head, forcing us to view American materialism and morality from his viewpoint. Updike also draws us into other characters' lives--Ahmad's mother, a high school guidance counselor, an African-American teenage girl, a worker in the Department of Homeland Security. It was striking to me how lost many of the characters were. In many ways, Ahmad was one of the most thoughtful and moral characters in the story. That is a disturbing realization when you consider that he is being groomed to be a terrorist.

Indeed, just as the protagonist is a thoughtful young terrorist, the novel Terrorist is a thought-provoking book. It is clear that Updike has thought a lot about American society, the inner city and modern morality. His descriptions and complex characters compel readers to do the same.

Terrorist is not easy reading. I did not get caught up in the plot, and that was disappointing. It was easy for me to put the novel down after 25 pages, both because I needed time to process and because it did not always keep my attention. Updike is a great writer, and Terrorist shows that; however, everyone may not like the book.

his opinion is similar with mine..after reading it halfway, i hate this book..i couldnt find any interesting point in every page of this book..the way he describes about terrorist ambitious and determination are very weak and i hardly feel their action..and the ending is disappointed...maybe Updike lacked of idea during that time...or maybe he was being pushed by the publisher or his environment hehehehe